Swedish Christmas Market in Lausanne

E5D_2011_11_02_0019The traditional Swedish Christmas market is held this weekend in Lausanne. Naturally we went there to stock up on the things we needed for Christmas such as Lutfisk, Rökt Ål, Inläggningssill and some more stuff.

As always it was quite crowded. More so this year since Ikea stopped selling real Swedish food so a lot of people seemed to go to the market instead to get what they needed. The Julmust was already sold out when we came there and they had been open less than an hour then!

Unfortunately a lot of people have no understanding of the concept of a queue so it can be quite frustrating to get what you want. Not very surprisingly most of the people that tried to bully themselves to the counters without any respect for other people had a distinct dialect from the Swedish fjollträsk.

E5D_2011_11_02_0026Anyway we got most of what we needed and the kids got their Varm Korv so everyone is happy in the end.

I brought my new camera with me of course and shot a few photos which I uploaded to the 2011 Christmas Season album on SkyDrive. I really like the low-light capabilities of this camera. All of the photos are taken without flash and the sensitivity cranked up to 6400 ISO. Sure, I had to add a bit of noise reduction in the post processing which reduced the sharpness of the photos a bit but, as you can see, they’re quite acceptable nonetheless.

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