Yucky Sunday weather…

We where lucky enough to have quite decent whether for our little Saturday excursion but yesterday (Sunday) was rather yucky. So we spent most of the day indoors. As usual on a Sunday the kids spent most of the time fighting over the PlayStation.

CarpenterI really had to get going on the compost again so I started to drill holes and put the fixtures in place for the poles for the fence surrounding it. Since it was quite tough to drill down into the concrete I used my old drill, luckily since it actually gave up on me half way. I had to finish with my new one which really is on the weak side for such a work. Next time I’m going to do such heavy work I’m going to get myself a more industrial quality drill.

When the evening came we thought about putting on something that we hadn’t watched yet from our film collection but in the end we couldn’t be bothered to pick something so we just watched something that was on the satellite.

There was actually a Sean Connery movie, Zardoz, on that evening but, even though I’m really a fan of Sean Connery I think I’ll skip that one. A film where Sean Connery runs around in red diapers, knee-high boots and an ammo-belt and which have been made famous for the line “The gun is good. The penis is evil” ??? Nah, I prefer that Connery lives on a little better than that in my memory.

So we ended up seeing Bloody Mallory instead on CineFX, which was almost as bad. Many people claim that the French make bizarre movies. Well, they’re right! Anyway, there was some cheap monsters running around making the kids happy, the fire was going in the fireplace and I had my tablet to do some reading on so…I have had worse evenings.

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