Books, e-books and tablets

CassaStarWow, I just purchased my 102nd e-book. Most of them I have bought since I got my tablet in September and installed Amazon’s Kindle on it.

I’ve just finished reading Galactic Alliance: Translight which was quite good although I didn’t really like the last part of it. Before that I read CassaStar which I really liked even though it was more character development than real hard Science Fiction.

My book reading has really received a boost since I got the tablet. Sure, previously I had Kindle installed on my other devices but reading on the desktop PC is not really very comfortable, schlepping around a laptop for reading books is also not very convenient and the Omnia 7 is just to small for anything than killing some time on a airport or plane or something. The tablet is just the right form factor.

Galactic AllianceOne nice thing with e-books, apart from the general convenience of the media of course, is that it’s much easier for new  or part-time (hobby) authors to get their material published. There are quite a few nice “amateur” works out there. Some of the books I’ve read have of course been quite short and some not very good but then, when you pay down to 1 or 2 dollars for a book you can live with an occasional mishap.

Many are full size book and some have been quite good. Naturally many of the authors of “conventional” books also publish their books I e-book format so the choice is quite vast.

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