That’s the end of 2011…starting 2012

FireworksSo, yesterday was the end of 2011 which we celebrated fairly much in tranquillity at home with a nice meal. The usual canapés with salmon and fois-gras, well not salmon and fois-gras on the same canapé of course. Then crab salad followed by filet of dear with surprise baked potatoes and some chanterelles & fois-gras sauce.

Since Bodil been doing all the Christmas food I was doing the New year meal as usual. Same procedure as last year 🙂

Of course we had some fireworks as well although the image to the right is a stock image. The weather wasn’t very good but it stopped raining enough for 12’o clock so the pyromaniacs in us could indulge ourselves.

Since Christmas season is over for this year I have uploaded a zip-file of my 2011 Christmas Season photo album for easy download to my zipped photo albums folder on SkyDrive.

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