First Working day of 2012

CERN Large Hadron ColliderToday the CERN laboratory officially opened again after the Christmas shutdown so, consequently, it was also the first day of work this year for me.

Luckily the heating in the offices had been turned back up a day or two before so the office had reached a reasonable working temperature. That has not been the case every year. I also remembered to bring in some duct tape to plug that bloody window of mine which the wind more or less blew straight through.

During lunch hour I copied my photo archive from my portable hard disk onto one of the drives of my office workstation where I keep an off-line backup of my photos. No I’m not squatting the laboratories equipment. I bought that extra drive myself, and we are allowed to use the equipment for “reasonable” private use anyway :-).

Well, back to the photos. Since it’s a new year all the photos from last year have been moved from my work area to my archive area in my photo storage. Normally I have Windows Live Mesh sync my photos between my home PC and my office workstation as soon as I upload them but for big bulk updates I use a portable drive since it’s more efficient.

When loading them up, I noticed that I’ve been taking a bit more than a thousand photos this year. So I thought, let’s look at my other “collections” just for fun. So, last year I have…

  • Taken just over a 1000 photos.
  • Added just over a 100 titles to my Film Collection
  • Read just over a 100 books. Almost all of them e-books in the Sci-Fi category and 34 of them since I created my Goodreads account in October last year.

It will be fun to look again next year since then I will have used Goodreads for my books and DVD Profiler for my film collection for the entire year and you can get some nice statistics from both of them to see exactly how your collections have developed. With my new SLR camera I would expect that the photo count would have gone up for example and perhaps the book reading as well since I didn’t get going to really read books until I got my tablet and put the Kindle app on it.

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