Bloody spammers !

Spam comments last 6 monthsLast month I got almost 500 spam comments to posts on my site. Considering that this is a personal/family site, that’s quite a lot. Not one of them even remotely gave any indication that the person(s) behind them would exhibit any form of intelligence. Misspelled, incoherent garbage in most of the comments and simply blatant commercial publicity in some of them.

Of course all of them, including the ones the idiot(s) behind them had tried to make look like real comments, had at least one link in them to obscure sites selling everything from body building hormones to financial “advice” and penis enlargers.

In general the posts are so bloody bad that it’s unbelievable that someone could be stupid enough to let them pass. Luckily the Akismet spam filter that WordPress supplies as a standard feature catches pretty much all of these but I still have to look into the list of spam garbage once a week or so to see if there’s any legit comments that might have been caught by accident and which I should allow to be published.

Thumbs DownI wish people wouldn’t be so bloody stupid that they click on any kind of garbage on the web. Then these people would be out of business.

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