Vive la France…well for e-books at least!

That the tax-greedy EU-plonkers in Brussels are something we could live better without is a rather well established opinion today and one which I happen to share more often than not. Their only contribution, if one might call it that, seems to come from their rather astonishing capacity for inventing new taxes, fees and silly rules.

Reading Book 2The latest one that I stumbled over is the VAT that is extorted when you buy a book. By a EU rule the VAT on “culture” such as books is reduced from the ridiculously high “standard” one which is above 20% to the “low” one which is 6%. Well nothing wrong with that one would think.

The problem is that these technically ignorant idiots who probably still use a goose pen for writing (actually the overpaid bastards probably have a secretary to do any writing) wrote the rule such that it only applies to printed publications. That is, buy a paper book in a book store and you pay 6% VAT, buy the same book on Kindle or some other e-reader and you pay more than 20% VAT. What the fuck?

Since I read almost all my books on Kindle this obviously makes me somewhat unhappy. Now you’re probably still wondering what this has to do with the title of this post. Actually it has a lot to do with it. Since 1st of January this year, France decided to give the finger to these idiots and use the lower VAT on all books whether they are printed or electronic. Thus, Vive la France…as far as e-book VAT goes.

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