Well, that’s January…

Last day of the first month of the year today. It looks like winter has decided to come back with a vengeance for February since it has been snowing all day today and the forecast claims temperatures below –10 degrees for a good week ahead. Yuck!

My film collection got five new films, on Blu-ray, being added to it during the month, We didn’t manage to watch more than two of those films though. But then we watched some films that we got previous months as well.

Green LanternIroncladSpace BattleshipFinal Destination 5Cowboys and Aliens

On the (e)book front I completed reading 21 books/novels during the month. Some of them went into the rubbish category on my collection after being read but some of them where quite good. I especially liked…

Lost Tales of PowerThe Enemy of an Enemy and The Academy in the Lost Tales of Power series by Vincent Trigili. Lost Tales of Power is really a hybrid between pure science fiction and fantasy. The first book starts of as a fairly standard Sci-Fi novel with some fantasy element creeping in at the end. The second book pretty much goes all out fantasy in a Sci-Fi setting. It’s really Hogwarts in space and quite entertaining. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

Scout ForceScout Force and First Command in the Scout Force series by Rodney Smith. This is simple military science fiction. Some good fleet action, only the odd idiot officer screwing things up and no silly stupid politics messing up the story. The hero happily dating at least three girls at the same time, and the girls being happy about it, is a bit silly of course but the rest of the book is good enough that I can live with that.

Exodus SeriesExodus of The Phoenix in the Exodus series by Robert Stadnik. I’m currently reading the second book in the series, Phoenix of The Stars. The basic storyline is: Humans bottled up in the Solar System by nasty aliens, humans develop new space ship, humans break free. Sure, it’s been done before but some ideas survive being reused as long as it’s not too often. It has a bit of annoying dumbass politics in it but so far it hasn’t detracted too much from the book.

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