Chilly end of the week

FreezingThe mercury rested at –10 degrees when I went to work this morning, and it’s supposed to get worse. The weather forecast on my phone claims –16 degrees for tomorrow. Naturally I managed to schedule a car service for when the weather went amok so, without a car, I had to move around the CERN site by foot for two days this week..

Given that the surface area of CERN is measured in square kilometers (we’re housing a 27 kilometer long particle accelerator after all) that’s not at all fun at these temperatures. Luckily I do not have to move around that much and when I do it’s normally within the main site at Meyrin on the Swiss-French border. However, even limited to the main site it still takes some 15-20 minutes to walk from the two furthest ends.

Speaking of car service. That one took me back roughly 3 500 Swiss Francs. Sure, I got four new tires and a new windshield, since the old one had a crack in it from a stone flying into it, on top of the normal service but still…arrrrggggghhhhh Sad smile.

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