Final Destination V

Final Destination 5As has become a bit of habit since there’s usually nothing worth watching on satellite and none of us has to wake up early in the morning, Friday evening was a watch-something-from-the-not-yet-watched-shelf-of-my-film-collection evening. So we sat down and watched Final Destination 5.

A lot of people have claimed that this release in the series is better than the other ones. I disagree. I do not see anything that would make this one better at all. Rather the reverse. It’s another example of how producers spend all their time (and money) on silly 3D effects and the rest of the film suffers thanks to that. Not only does the rest of the film suffer but also, the scenes that might have been mildly interresting in 3D is just plain ridicolous when watching them in 2D.

Okay, it’s not the worst one of them either. It still get’s 6 out of 10 since it’s an okay one and a half hour of evening entertainment. And it was rather cool how they tied it together with the first one in the series at the end where you found out that this one was more or less a prequel.

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