Shopping and quick lunch at Val Thoiry

ShoppingI had some shopping to do yesterday so we went to the Val Thoiry shopping centre. The kids winter holidays just started so they managed to talk us into getting two games for the PS3 as well.

While at Val Thoiry we took the opportunity to grab a lunch at the bistro, Le Sabayon, there. It’s a fairly okay place for a quick lunch. When I say quick I, of course, don’t mean quick as in fast-food quick but French bistro kind of quick.

The two smallest ones went, not very surprisingly, for pasta. Okay maybe that’s not very French but we are close to the Italian border here after all. Me and Jonathan decided on a more classical French, steak frites. Jonathan’s piece of dead cow was actually just barely dead. I whish I could still eat that much almost raw meat without getting unpleasant after-effects but I have to settle for medium nowadays. Well, that’s medium by French standards of course which would probably still be called fairly red, even uncooked, by a lot of people back in Sweden. Anyway, it was a quite okay lunch.

IroncladIn the evening there wasn’t anything we really fancied to see on satellite yesterday either so we went for another one of the not-yet-watched ones from my collection, Iconclad.

It’s an okayish movie. Some people shoot it down entirely based on historical incorrectness. That’s just rubbish. It’s supposed to be entertainment after all. Having said that, I felt the film could have been better. It somehow never managed to really catch my interrest in the way I would have expected it to do. I’m especially annoyed by the fact that 20 men would not have been enough to man a large medival stronghold not to mention actually holding it against an army of several hundred men.

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