Visit to the ATLAS detector at CERN today

E5D_2012_02_20_0373The CAD team made a visit to the ATLAS detector at CERN today. I have been there before and since I knew it is quite impressive and I now have a new camera with low light capability I, of course, brought it with me. The ATLAS detector is the biggest of the detectors at CERN in terms of volume although it is not the most massive in terms of weight. It still weighs in at around 7000 metric tons and is about as high as a 7 floor apartment building.

For the number freaks, it’s wired up with 3 000 kilometre cable. The detectors superconducting solenoid magnets have enough stored energy to melt 58 tons of lead where it released. The unfiltered data flow from the detector amounts to roughly 100 000 CD’s per second or put in other terms, it’s the equivalent of the data flow that would be generated if every man, women and child on 7 planet Earths would make a phone call at the same time

Want even more numbers? Here’s the official ATLAS Fact Sheet (PDF).

Below are a few more pictures from the detector. The photo to the left is a view of the control room. Unfortunately I had to take it through a glass window so there a few reflections. The end cap of the detector, the part to the right in the other photos, is currently open which enabled me to take this photos. It will shortly be closed up again when the LHC start up again for the season. The bulk of the detector is actually to the left of these photos.


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