Picked up some new Blu-rays at MediaMarkt

Hoodwinked TooThis week Bodil picked up two new movies, Hoodwinked Too and Harry Brown, for my collection at MediaMarkt when she waited for the kids at the Swedish school in Meyrin. It’s really a long time since we bought films at MediaMarkt. It doesn’t happen very often any more.

We used to get all our films there but with the convenience of Amazon where you can browse their quite large collection in the comfort of your home and then have the films sent straight to your house without having the hassle of driving to the shop, not to mention having to pass the Swiss border, has largely made MediaMarkt obsolete.

Harry BrownDue to the strong Swiss Franc against the Euro MediaMarkt isn’t even interesting from a cost saving perspective any more. Before the low taxes levied on electronics in Switzerland, the benefit of not being a member of the tax greedy European Union, made it beneficial to buy such stuff there but not any more.

The only time we go to MediaMarkt nowadays are when we’re out driving anyway and feel like visiting a real, physical, shop for a change or when I want to be able to get some hardware in my hands before I buy it.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to watching Harry Brown, Michael Caine is an actor I usually like.

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