Wonderful weekend (so far), visit to Salon Mer & Vigne

E5D_2012_03_03_0402So far this weekend have been just wonderful. The weather has been really excellent. You almost didn’t need a jacket. Actually, when working in the garden this afternoon I didn’t wear a jacket.

We started the day with a visit to Salon Mer & Vigne in Prévessin-Moëns. Well that is if you do not count the PS3 sessions the kids started the minute they woke up.

Anyway, Salon Mer & Vigne is a vine and food fair that we used to go to but we stopped going there because the organizers screwed around with the dates so that it clashed with the one in Gex. This year they, apparently, got their act straight again so that we could go there.

E5D_2012_03_03_0412There used to be a small olive oil dealer that made an absolutely fantastic olive oil but, unfortunately, she wasn’t there this year. We still picked up some Corsican sausages. I really like those. We also found some really nice cheese, including one really marvellous “ancienne” one that looked like…well you don’t want to know. It’s sufficient to say that most “modern” people would probably skip that one without even tasting it. Their loss!

After the food fair we went to a Asian restaurant in Ferney Voltaire for a nice lunch. The waiter was a bit worried when Timothy ordered Calamare avec sauce piquant. He was worried that the sauce was too spicy. He obviously didn’t know our kids…and, as it turned out, the sauce wasn’t really very spicy.

E5D_2012_03_03_0414We spent a good chunk of the afternoon in the garden. The two smallest kids where riding their bikes on the green area in front of our house while we where working. It was quite funny since it really feels just like yesterday when you had to walk besides them to either prevent them from falling or rushing out in front of a car. I also found the first flower of the year in the garden.

Anyway, now I’m off to make a light Salade Paysanne for our evening meal.

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