Why do big companies even bother with support…

India Wiring 3…when the outsourced support they provide is utterly useless anyway?

A friend of mine recently sent me an email containing the photo to the left and two more like it. The text under the photos stated that…

“This is India, it’s where you call when you have a technical problem with your computer.”

Now not all tech support is outsourced to India but they sure have more than their share of it and, no matter where it’s outsourced, it sure as hell is crap!

The timing of the mail from my friend couldn’t have been better, or worse depending on how you see it, because I just had an exchange of a dozen or so emails between myself and Microsoft’s XBox Live support. Did my problem get solved…no of course not. Did I get frustrated…yes! The people working for these support agencies are really clueless automats doing nothing but spewing out canned, pre-written answers no matter what you try to explain to them.

I had what I thought was a fairly simple problem. When you initialize a Phone 7 you also connect it to Zune to get upgrades etc. and use the Marketplace. It then creates a billing account in the Microsoft systems. This billing account is labeled “XBox Live Account” when you look it up. A bit strange but I don’t really care what they call it. The problem however is that it got set to US as my country. Most of my stuff is set to US due to the fact that I work for an International lab so I guess it was just picked up somewhere and I didn’t pay attention before accepting it.

So I mailed XBox Live support. Here the short story of it…

Me: My country is wrong. How can I get it changed?

XBox Live Support: You cannot change your country code. You have to create a new account (that referred to my Windows Live ID)

Me: That’s not really an acceptable solution. My Live ID is used all over the place. Why does it say XBox account by they way? I do not even have a XBox. (Big mistake to ask more than one question)

XBox Live Support: If your account have been compromised you need to call Windows Live Support.

Me: ??? My account has not been compromised. Please read what I actually wrote.

XBox Live Support: This support case do not seem to relate to XBox you need to call Windows Live Support.

Me: (??? WTF) It does say XBox on my billing information and Windows Live told me to contact you in the first place (I actually did contact them at the same time I contacted XBox Live Support).

XBox Live Support: it appears that your Windows Live account have been compromised. (Where have I heard that before?)

Me: My account have NOT been compromised. Don’t you even bother to read the trace before answering?

XBox Live Support: We reviewed you case. Please note that the XBox Live Account is unique to XBox. to change the country you need to connect your XBox and create a new XBox Live Account.

Me: (??? Double WTF). Did you read the part where I said that I do not have an XBox? And the XBox Live account is obviously NOT unique to XBox Live services. Don’t you know how you own systems work?

XBox Live Support: You cannot change your country code. You have to create a new account.

After that last answer I just gave up. I guess at this time they just ran out of canned answers and started all over again. In the end I created a new Live ID and linked my old one to it. Not ideal but it works reasonably well. Of course I re-ran the Phone 7 and Zune initialization and paid attention to the country codes this time so I ended up with a new XBox Live billing account with the right country code.

Any service worth it’s name should just have been able to correct my country code given that I could provide ample evidence of my residence. My actual Live ID is registered with France for instance. But unfortunately, these outsourced services are run by people with zero skills, zero knowledge, paid by the number of replies or closed tickets and have zero incitement to actually SOLVE any problems.

Here’s the two other photos of India wiring that my friend sent by the way…

India Wiring 2India Wiring 1

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