Tried a “new” pizzeria in Divonne Les Bains

Visit at at a "new" pizzeria in Divonne Les BainsThe kids have been harping about going out to eat pizza for most of the last couple of weeks so we decided to go out for a pizza this weekend. Our former favourite place, 282, have unfortunately gone down in quality a lot so we really didn’t want to go there. It’s a real shame since they where making real good pizzas baked in a wood fire. However, we get the feeling that they have been taken over by someone who doesn’t really care about the place but just want’s to make a quick buck.

Anyway, we’ve been hunting around for a replacement place and this weekend we decided to try a “new” place in Divonne Les Bains, pizzeria Nova. I did put “new” in quotes since it’s new to us but not really new new. Actually it’s a place where we used to go occasionally both before we got JJ and a few times afterwards as well when he was really young. Then it closed down. Some years ago it opened again with new owners but we haven’t been there since.

Visit at at a So this weekend we decided to give it a try and we found it quite nice. They do not have a wood fire to make the pizzas with and they weren’t as good as when 282 was at it’s best but they where still quite okay and the atmosphere was much more nice and cosy than 282. We will probably go back from time to time.

The rest of the day we spent in the garden. No surprise there given the nice weather. I finally got the remains of the old compost sieved and spread over the vegetable garden and any non decomposed material shifted back to the new compost. Bodil was trimming down the bushes and I was, after finishing the compost, running all the branches through the shredder. Damned, me and the machine had a hard time keeping up with Bodil !

By the way, the photos in this post was taken using my phone so the quality is quite crappy but I attached them anyway just for illustration.

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