At least they still got some herring at Ikea but…

Inlagd SillBodil decided to make a trip to Ikea in Geneva yesterday after having dropped off the kids at the Swedish school in Meyrin just to see if they still had some useful products in the Swedish shop. They did indeed have some pickled herring that she picked up for the coming Easter.

Sure it was the Ikea brand and not one of the good ones but that’s one of the few Ikea branded things that are still not too bad. It’s still in a glass can so you can see the product as well and not that horrible white only packaging with just some boring text on it that looks like it came straight from some old socialist cooperative.

SpendrupsShe also found a few Swedish beers that actually came from one of the good brands (Spendrups) but … in tiny little 25 cl cans! What the bloody hell!? Sure in France and some other places 25 cl beers is a fairly common measure but it’s supposed to be a Swedish food shop for Christ sake. No Swede would ever by a 25 cl can (unless forced to). 33cl maybe but surely they should have sold the normal 50cl ones as they used to do. 25 cl is the kind of measure where you, like Sten Broman, would spill it on your sleeve, sniff on it and then tell the waiter that it was okay and he could bring in a real measure for drinking.

I hate bean counters with no respect for neither tradition nor quality :roll:.

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