Salon Nature & Vie and lunch at l’Amphitryon

This weekend there’s Salon Nature & Vie in Gex. It used to be called Gexpo and was really good with lots’ of exhibitors, both indoors and outdoors. Then some idiot in the municipality decided to turn it into a “green” salon and only “green” exhibitors was allowed. Not sure what the criteria actually is since I don’t really understand what’s “green” about the Jacuzzi dealer that was there this year.

Of course this “green” crap has turned out to be a disaster. A lot of good exhibitors have disappeared. It’s now less than half the size it used to be and there were almost no people this year. Luckily a few of the good exhibitors where still there so we got some nice pates, fois gras, dried duck breasts and sausages with us home.

L'AmphitryonAfter the salon we went to l’Amphitryon in St Genis Pouilly for lunch. I’ve been there only once before with CERN so this was the first time we went privately. The food was excellent although a bit on the expensive side. The service was fairly old-fashioned French. Not really slow but not fast either. You were supposed to have some time between the courses and they served small mini-courses between the main ones as well to clear the palate. Thus our “small” lunch took about two and a half hours.

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