That’s March…

First spring flowersSo now March have passed and we’re into April as I’m writing this. No I didn’t fall for any of the April’s Fools’ jokes this year either :roll:. I think they are getting less and less subtle and more and more silly every year although the CERN one (publishing your CERN access photo and CERN info on Facebook) was almost what you would expect could have been a real suggestion from some geniuses here at CERN.

In all March was a pretty good month in that the winter really gave way to spring. Although we seem to have gotten a bit of a cold spell today (zero degrees this morning) everything is sprouting leaves and flowers. The cherry trees are in full bloom and are already starting to lose their flowers again.

Graysons RevengeOn the book side I’ve read 12 books this month and I gave a five-star rating to two of them. One five-star book was Grayson’s Revenge which is part of the Ashes of the Realm series which in turn is following the Annihilation series. Good, simple adventure and quite a lot of ship/space action.

Phoenix In ChaosThe second one was Phoenix in Chaos. I was a bit worried about this one since I got the feeling from the ending of the previous book in the series that it was starting to get bogged down into internal strife, spy’s, backstabbing and such nonsense. That was resolved quite satisfactory though so it turned out to be a very good read indeed.

Other books that I quite liked this month was At all Costs (Honor Harrington series), Rise of Shadows (Lost Tales of Power series), Hawk Genesis (Flight of the Hawk) and Singularity (Star Carrier).

My movie collection stagnated a bit this Month though. It only got two additions, Immortals and Contagion of which I’ve only seen the latter one which, unfortunately, was a disappointment as far as I’m concerned. I watched five of the films on my to-watch list none which blew my socks off although both Troy and Clear and Present Danger was quite good.

Not much happened on the Photography side either. 53 photos got shot of which you have already seen a few on this site.

And while I’m indulging myself in silly statistics, as you can see from the Archives widget in the sidebar my blog activity amounted to 19 posts this month. Spam March 2012During the month I also got 518 silly, stupid and annoying spam comments which luckily gets filtered out by the spam filters. Unfortunately I already got almost as much spam this year as I did all of last year. Stupid waste of time and bandwidth. I wish there was some way of cracking down on these assholes…hard :evil:.

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