Easter egg hunt, Easter cake, Easter Lamb…Stuffed again

Yesterday it was good enough weather that we could do the Easter egg hunt with the kids. Good enough in this case means that it had stopped raining. It was still cold and windy…brrrr!

The rest of the day felt like we where doing nothing but eating.

Bodil made a excellent lunch with a “gourmet plate” with gravlax, dried duck breasts, fois-gras toast, camembert and raisins boiled in ginger-bread spices. The latter had a quite interesting taste. They went quite well with the cheese.

Lamb baked with honey, sauge and rosted almondsAt around four o’clock we followed up with a home made Easter chocolate cake which was very heavy.

Then for the evening meal it was time for the traditional lamb. This year I made a roast leg of lamb with honey, rosemary, garlic, fenugreek seeds, Dijon mustard and roasted almonds served with a salad and a potato gratin with sage and feta cheese. It was all very tasty…and heavy.

I still feel stuffed this morning…

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