The Legend of Corinair

The Legend of Corinair The Legend of Corinair by Ryk Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The author states at the end of the book that

I see this project much like a television series. What you just read is the three-hour series premiere. New episodes will be published every few months, and as long as I continue to have an audience, I will continue to write them.

I think he is quite to the point there. These books are short stories in a longer story arc. Just like a TV series generally is short episodes but can be really fun to watch these books are not the most in-depth ones around but they are really fun to read.

This one, Legend of Corinair, is no exception to that. My only gripe is that the ship got shot up again. Given that they now seem to have a few new allies I hope they get around to do those repairs (and upgrades) that are sorely overdue.

Also, like a TV-series, at some point the same story arc gets old, no matter how good it was at the start. I do hope that the story doesn’t drag on forever but that they do get back home to earth at some point. Hopefully with an upgraded Aurora, some buddies and guns blazing, but then I am a sucker for cheap effects.

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