I’m more tired now than when at work

Finally I got some time to sit down. As the title says I’m more tired now, having the day off, than when at work.

The morning wasn’t too bad. We parked the kids in front of the PS3 and went to Val Thoiry to do the weekend shopping. A long time since I’ve been at Val Thoiry to do groceries shopping. We generally do not go there that often since their beef is really no good.

While there we took the opportunity to visit a door and windows shop as well. That was actually one of the reasons why I took a few days off. We really need to replace our entrance door. It’s ugly as hell, has zero thermic insulation and the locks are getting more and more difficult to open. The “technicien” will come on Wednesday to look at our old port and take measurements for a quote. In the mean time we will have drooled over the brochure they gave us and decided which door(s) we want a quote for.

GardeningHowever, in the afternoon it was time for the first lawn mowing of the year, despite the fact that the grass was still wet from a shower just after lunch. It was actually way overdue to mow the lawn but the bloody weather had been so bad that I hadn’t gotten the chance to do it. It was reaching the point where I would need agricultural equipment to mow it unless I got it done this week.

Then for the very same reason as I simply had to mow the lawn I had to turn over the vegetable garden. The potatoes we have in the basement are already starting to grow, so … I turned over the vegetable garden.

Now I’m rather tired, to put it mildly, so I’m going to sit down with my latest book, John Ringo’s Live Free or Die (Troy Rising #1), before dinner.

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