Finally SkyDrive in Windows Explorer

SkyDrive AppMicrosoft just released a new SkyDrive app for Windows. It’s not the silly useless one that they have for Windows 8 Metro but one for Windows 7 which effectively maps an area of your local disk to reflect your SkyDrive content.

Finally there’s a usable way to use SkyDrive via Windows Explorer instead of having to rely on the Web interface or the built in support of some applications like Windows Live Gallery.

The app doesn’t actually “link” to SkyDrive on the fly but syncs the SkyDrive content into a folder (which you can select yourself) and then maps that folder as one of your favorites in Windows Explorer. Obviously you can use this folder as any normal folder in Windows. I created a Windows Library containing it just as I’ve done with my other common folders. Works great!

My only worry is that Microsoft will, at some point, discontinue Windows Live Mesh and expect this new app to be a replacement. That it is not! It does not provide the flexibility of syncing any folder or any number of folders on your drive and, most importantly, it doesn’t provide peer to peer sync (without storing the data on SkyDrive) at all.

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