Start of another long weekend

HappyToday is the first day of another long weekend. Tuesday is 1st of May, this silly holiday which supposed to be Labour Day but nobody is doing any labour, and, as a lot of people do, I took the Monday off to get four consecutive days of holidays.

We have no real plans for this weekend actually. Probably going to do a bit of shopping, I would like some plants for my office and I do need a new filter for my aquarium. We are definitely going to do some gardening. We really need to get the potatoes into the ground now when the bloody rain finally stopped.

Otherwise we got quite a few films to watch as well. Last weekend we picked up a Blu-ray box set of Tarantino films, either made by him or sponsored by him (Curdled, Killing Zoe, Reservoir Dogs and True Romance)

Not that our To Watch shelf was exactly empty but when you run over a set of Tarantino films you don’t have, well there not really much choice is there?

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