A lovely day yesterday…

Fete De l'Oiseau 2012Well, I could have been without the lawn moving that I did in the morning but the weather was, contrary to what the forecasts said, excellent all day. So the “lovely” part of the day started with an excellent lunch on the terrace with barbequed lamb chops and couscous with grilled vegetables.

JJ’s best buddy came over after lunch and in the afternoon all of us went down to St Genis Pouilly for Fete de l’Oiseau. This year the arrangements where better than the previous years. The fairground was quite filled without any dead spots as there have been the other days.

This year they have the advantage of the Monday being an official holiday as well so hopefully they will have a good turnout. The kids have talked us into going back today in the afternoon. Today there’s the classical parade through the village in the afternoon as well.

Fete De l'Oiseau 2012The kids got to try out the air guns this year. I’ve always been a bit hesitant since my child memories of the air gun stands are shitty weapons which barely shot in the direction you pointed them. That has improved though and this year they had a stand which was suitable for younger kids as well. So we let them have a go at it. To Timothy’s great chagrin Cassandra shot much better scores than him. Well he got his revenge when she started to cry in the house of horrors. Kids can be nasty!

Naturally I didn’t bring my big camera with me to an event like this but I brought my pocket compact and snapped a few photos when I managed to get it up (the camera that is) in time for something to shoot. A few of them have been uploaded to my Miscellaneous photo album.

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