Barbeque season at last

BarbequeThe barbeque season have picked up at last the last couple of weeks.

Friday evening we had some nice barbequed veal chops with homemade pesto, potatoes and beluga lenses.

It’s warm enough now that you can dine outside in the evening as well. Yesterday the temperatures where flirting with the 30 degree mark. Today started off with rain though. It’s well needed so I’m not complaining. I hope it fills up our rain water collectors for the garden since they were down to a quarter already.

Yesterday lunch we made classical “varm korv med bröd” (barbequed hot dogs). Well, you can’t really find Swedish barbeque sausages around here but Swiss Schüblig sausage is a excellent “ersatz” and certainly of a lot better quality than the Swedish sausages usually is. The main ingredient in this one is meat for instance which generally is not the case in a Swedish sausage.

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