Wasted morning…almost

ShoppingHad planned to go on a minor shopping spree this morning but it turned out that we only got a few of the articles we expected to get.

Both Cassandra and Jonathan needs new chairs in front of their writing desks. No luck, despite the fact that the office shops boasts about them having “kid’s stuff”.

We need a new simple shelf in our bathroom since the one we had broke when cleaning it last. No luck. We just wanted something simple of the kind we had before and not huge glassware which, of course would not fit the holes we already have. We’re going to totally renovate the bathrooms, probably next year, so I’m not going to buy anything complicated and make more holes in the walls.

We did get some shoes for the kids though. The two smallest are going on a walk in the Jura’s, arranged by the school, on Monday so Timothy really needed some new shows for that.

Gazpacho1 out of 3. Not the best of scores. Well, in contrast, we had a nice Gazpacho for lunch, to healthy for the kids though so they got some Pizza slices to “go with it” (sigh), and for the evening I’m going to make some Italian filet of pork with pasta. Haven’t decided exactly what to do yet but I have pine nuts, prosciutto, and dried tomatoes in the larder as well as fresh basil and some white wine to play with so I’m sure I figure something out.

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