The Pyramid Builders

The Pyramid Builders The Pyramid Builders (Lens of Time, #1) by Saxon Andrew
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is another good book from Andrew Saxon. As usual I would put this one in the Young Adult category. It pretty much follows the same (or at least a similar) formula as his Annihilation series which means that the good guys are really good guys and the bad guys are really bad guys and the latter threatens to destroy civilization as we know it. Nothing bad in that but the enormous single minded “goodness”, you almost get the impression they are all old style Superman characters, of the good guys can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

However, that little fault is well outweighed by the boyish adventurism which explodes onto the page with exploration and massive space battles in equal dozes. This book includes an aspect of time travel which I’m normally not too keen for. It just introduces to many paradoxes which are impossible to explain, even in a science fiction book. So far they have not done anything too stupid though so, fingers crossed.

So, in short, a very enjoyable light read. It’s fairly short though, especially since the pages do gets turned rather quickly.

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