Hard Magic

Hard Magic Hard Magic (Crimnoir Chronicles, #1) by Larry Correia
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was a bit weird but then I knew it was going to be an alternate reality story so I cannot say that I am surprised. It’s a good book. You’re jumped straight into this alternate reality that he has created without much of an explanation or presentation and you basically learn as you go (or as you read in this case). It works fairly okay so I cannot say that I have much problem with that. Correia’s action sequences and depiction of guns, magic and supernatural beings make for an enjoyable read as always.

However, I wasn’t as thrilled with Hard Magic as I was with his Monster Hunter International series. I cannot put my finger on exactly what caused this but my guess would be the fact that the atmosphere in this book was much more tainted by politics, conspiracies and deceit. The world is a much more negative one than in his other books.

Having said that, I still liked the book and will probably read the next one(s) as well but perhaps not right away.

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