Midsummer, matjesill and new potatoes

Midsummer dinner 2012It’s incredible but half of 2012 have already passed. Well almost at least. Yesterday was midsummer in Sweden. Not the “real” midsummer which is on the 24th but the “official” one which moves around so that it’s always a Friday to prevent people from boozing their heads of before a working day.

As is the tradition we had stocked up with Matjesill, which Ikea luckily still sells a decent variety of, and some more fresh potatoes from our vegetable garden. Bodil also made an interesting new variety of pickled herring with neutral pickled herring mixed with pickled cucumbers. Not the whole pickled cucumber variety though but pickled slicing cucumber (pressgurka). It became a excellent, very fresh, pickled herring variety perfect for a summer meal

Midsummer dinner 2012She also made some salmon rolls from Swedish thin bread. They are supposed to be made with horseradish cream but she didn’t have one and, since we live in France, she took garlic cream instead. That worked nicely as well.

Of course she made a strawberry cake as well. You have to have strawberries on midsummer.

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