School summer festivities yesterday

End of school festivities in Crozet summer 2012Yesterday the Crozet school held their annual summer festivities. The French schools don’t hold end of school activities in the same way Swedish ones do so this is as close to that as you get even though the actual school continues for another two week before the summer holidays really start.

This year someone had actually given the arrangements some thought. Previous year it started with games for the kids straight after lunch and then at 7’o clock in the evening they where supposed to do the traditional singing. Of course all the kids, as well as the parents, where fairly tired of the entire thing by that time.

View from restaurant Bois Joly in CrozetThis year, they had been clever enough to start the singing at 11’o clock instead. Then everyone who wanted could stay for a barbeque. The games started in the afternoon and you could leave when you felt like it. Much better. We didn’t stay for the barbeque (it’s usually fairly mediocre anyway) since we had already planned to go to a restaurant for lunch due to it being my birthday this weekend. Since we had to get back for the games we couldn’t go very far though so we nipped off to Bois Joly in Crozet. Especially on a beautiful day like yesterday it’s nice to sit on their terrace with a view towards the alps (photo to the left).

Not surprisingly I took a bunch of photos. The summer holidays have not really started yet but I would still say the school’s summer festivities is part of the summer holidays so I created this years 2012 Summer Holiday album on SkyDrive and uploaded a selection of them to it.

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