Revenge of the Damned

Revenge of the Damned Revenge of the Damned (Sten, #5) by Allan Cole
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It took me a while but I finally went back to continue the Sten series. This book, of course, continues where the last one left off which means Sten is stuck in a POW labor camp. Now, I do not like prison settings so it’s maybe not so surprising that I didn’t like this book as much as the previous ones.

Having said that, the book is still a quite good read. As the previous books it’s well written and Sten is Sten. This is the fifth book in the series though and some of the things that initially made me like the series seem to be fading a bit. The books have gone from following the rising star of Sten to be more and more about politics and conspiracies.

It didn’t help that the author put one of my favorite characters, the emperor, on the chopping block so to say (given that the books have been out for a while and that the blurb on the next one is pretty explicit about the destiny of the emperor I don’t think this can be said to be much of a spoiler).

Anyway, as I said a good solid read in the Sten series and if you don’t mind the prison setting in the first half of the book then you’ll probably like it more than I did as well.

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