The Dark Ascent

The Dark Ascent The Dark Ascent (The Dark Wing Series, #3) by Walter H. Hunt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I would say this is another book in the series which deserves more than 3 (Goodreads) stars but doesn’t quite cut it for 4 stars. As you probably understand from this, I liked the book. The absence of the awful politics from the first book in the series is, luckily, still gone. It has, to some extent, been replaced by these scheming, mysterious aliens that constantly lurk in the background though.

This book is really not a pure science fiction book but rather a science fiction/supernatural/fantasy hybrid. It continues the path that the second book took and dives even further into the mythology of the Zor. However, it appears like it’s not just myths and the story constantly flips between real life and living through the legends and talking to dead heroes. The “dreams scenes” appears to not really be dream scenes and it’s a quite interesting read although the way it’s told has some drawbacks. The Lost Tales of Power series does the hybrid variant better.

There are some space battles in this book but again, they are quite superficially described which is a shame. The constant flipping between real life and dream(?) scenes as well as the many references to the old Zor legends, which now seems to exist in multiple versions, can be a bit tiring. The constantly repeated “he/she put her wings in this and that position” is also starting to become a bit repetitive.

In all, it’s a good read though and it would have gotten 3 ½ stars if it would have been possible in Goodreads.

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