ThunderbirdsThunderbirds on CanalSat (NRJ12)
My rating 3 of 10 stars

This film was showing on NRJ12 the other evening and since it’s school holidays we thought that we could let the kids watch it. Now I never saw this, apparently, iconic TV-show from the 60’s so I’m not another disgruntled fan boy, and there seems to be plenty of those, but this film is of little interest for anyone above 9.

It’s just plain silly with a nonsense plot although it’s admittedly good enough for a (very) young children’s film. But the acting is plain bad and boring. The special effects are mediocre to say the least. Really young kids probably like it but with the material one could have done something much better which would have appealed to the entire family.

My biggest gripe is perhaps that Jonathan Frakes got his name mixed up with this mess. He should have had enough sense to go to red alert and raise shields when whoever dimwit that wrote it came within sensor range.

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