Passed 800 movie titles in my collection

Film Reel with ImagesA while ago my Movie Collection passed 800 titles. The last one to be added was John Carter although I have two more on order.

Well, I’m cheating a little bit on the count since my film collection software, DVD Profiler, counts the box in a box set as a title as well. But then I only count TV-shows as one even though shows like, for instance, MASH have loads and loads of disks in the box set.

Yes, if you follow the link above you’ll get to a Collectorz site with my collection and I did say DVD Profiler above. Well, I use DVD Profiler for the actual cataloguing of the movies since it’s central database is way better than Collectorz whose database is surprisingly full of errors and omissions. Their system for submission of updates to the central database is also next to useless. You get no confirmation of whether your submission was accepted or not for instance. After cataloguing them I dump the collection to Collectorz who gives you a decent web interface to your collection, something DVD profiler do not.

Anyway, I wonder how long it will take to get to 900? Last year we added 136 titles to the collection but this year we seem to be going a bit slower with “only” 48 movies so far and a bit more than half the year has already passed. Then again, there’s usually a bunch of films coming out at the end of the year.

Another question is of course how long I will continue to get movies on optical disk? I buy most of the movies on Blu-ray now with the exception of the odd bargain DVD. I like having the physical product in my shelf although it’s true that I’m running short of shelf space and it’s probably true that the movie companies will manage to phase out physical media sooner or later. I just hope that the replacement will be something where you still own a real, quality assured, copy of the movie. I would really not want to have to rely on some streaming service where the companies would, for sure, screw around with the compression and general quality of the movies as they please when they please it.

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