Giants’ Star–Different than the previous

Giants' StarGiants’ Star (Giants, #3) by James P. Hogan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In the 21st century, scientists Victor Hunt and Chris Danchekker, doing research on Ganymede, attract a small band of friendly aliens lost in time, who begin to reveal something of the origin of mankind. Finally, man thought he comprehended his place in the Universe . . . until he learned of the Watchers in the stars!

This book is quite a different story from the previous two. The original focus on mystery and research is more or less gone and replaced by a more traditional adventure/thriller story. During the first half of the book I actually started to despair and thought the series where taking a real nosedive. This part dives straight into an all too classic story about political manipulation and deceit. The UN where brought in as the chief villain used by the bad guys to stall any meaningful progress and decisions. Yes, that’s what UN mostly is today but that doesn’t mean that I want to read about it, it’s just depressing.

Luckily the book was still as well written as the previous ones and as from a little before the half way mark it took off and became a lot more interesting as the bad guys plots where slowly unravelled by the humans (of course). Once the Ganymedes and the Humans starts to foil the Javalenese plans it becomes really good.

The book continues the unravelling of the story of the human development (or as is the case in much of this book non-development) but not at all to the extent that is done in the previous books. The book certainly has some interesting explanations, although entirely fictional, to all the religious nonsense that is still plaguing our planet.

The end was indeed a surprising one. I can still not make up my mind if it was brilliant or just another cheap time travel trick. It sure as hell makes for a nice time paradox.

Anyway, this is definitely a book in the good to very good range.

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