Eagles, Lunch and the Devils Bridge

I guess the title of this post might be a tad confusing. However, if one followed the summer holiday excursion that we made yesterday, it all makes sense. We had really nice weather. Sunny all day with temperatures closing in on 30 degrees.

Visit at Les Aigles du LemanFirst we made a visit to Les Aigles du Leman, a bird park specialized in predatory birds such as, I hope you guessed it by now, eagles but also falcons and other birds. It’s not a very big park but it looked quite well maintained and it was a nice visit. They give several shows during the day but, unfortunately, there was only two in the morning and one of them was really close to lunch so we only watched on of them.

In Yvoire for lunchThen we went on for lunch in Yvoire. Yvoire is really one of my favourite places and we have found a really nice restaurant there with a roof terrace. The “historical” part of the town is not very big so you walk over it rather quickly but it’s a perfect place for a lunch.

Gorges du Pont de DiableFinally, we made a visit to Les Gorges du Pont du Diable or the, freely translated, devils bridge gorge. I like caves and gorges. They make interesting photo opportunities if nothing else and, when the temperatures are around the 30 degree range, they can be quite refreshing.

So in all, we had a nice day-trip. We left at around 8:30 and came back around 17:30. Perfect for sitting down, sifting through the photo I took and generally winding down before the evening meal.

In total I took 156 photos during this day-trip and I uploaded 40 of them to the 2012 Summer Holidays photo album on SkyDrive.

There’s already a bunch of previous photos in that album so I copied the very latest one, those from yesterday, into the Miscellaneous photo album as well for “direct access”. Remember that the content of that album get’s replaced on a regular basis though so if you come back to this post in a couple of days time they’re probably not there anymore.

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