Went to Zoo de Servion today

Visit at Zoo du Servion, SwitzerlandAfter the rather late evening yesterday we didn’t really feel like going on a full day-trip today and Cassandra have been asking about going back to Zoo de Servion anyway so today we went there. It’s quite a pleasant short excursion. It only takes a little more than an hour to get there.

Unfortunately you have to go by the Suisse AutoRoute which is a bit of a pain. Christ these people cannot drive! Most of them do not know how to use rear mirrors and the rest likes to play police. Unfortunately they think that the speed meter of their car is a precise instrument so when I come driving along at the correct speed using my GPS for reference they get really upset and pretends to “forget” that they are blocking the passing lane. That’s so typical Swiss. I’m really glad that I chose to live in France instead of Switzerland.

Anyway, Zoo de Servion. Once you’re there it’s a really pleasant little zoo. It’s not very big but makes for a nice “walkabout” for an hour or two. It’s connected to a tropicarium and you can get a combined ticket for a quite reasonably price.

Visit at Zoo du Servion, SwitzerlandThere’s a Suisse Chalet style restaurant inside the zoo as well. Nothing really fancy but quite nice anyway. Some dead cow for Jonathan, fried chicken for the young ones, grilled skewer of mixed meat for the Bodil and a nice Schubling with fries for me.

Quite a nice little excursion and we were back home around 3’o clock which was perfect since everyone started to become a bit tired from the last couple of days activities.

I took a few photos although not at all as many as on our last day-trip. As usual I uploaded a few of the to the 2012 Summer Holidays photo album and also to the Miscellaneous photo album for direct access. As usual the ones in the Miscellaneous photo album will be replaced as soon as more holiday photos are taken.

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