Museum crawl in Nyon

"Museum crawl" in NyonIf you haven’t heard of a “museum crawl” before don’t worry. Neither had I until now. I just invented it from the classical British expression “pub crawl”. To start from the beginning, we went to Nyon today as planned but we had originally only planned to go to two museums with a nice lunch by the lake in between. However, the first museum was smaller than we expected and, on top of that, we learned that the tickets we had bought was valid for two more visits at two more museums in Nyon so…we went on what I just defined as a “museum crawl”.

"Museum crawl" in Nyon - Basilisque Musee romainSo first a visit to Basilique Musee romain which was quite small but very nice and professional. Some additional entertainment was added by two professors (or something) who where there and who where involved in a animated discussion about some of the artefacts. Needless to say the two professors did not share the same opinion about the artefacts.

"Museum crawl" in Nyon - Chateau Musee historiqueSecond a visit to Chateau Musee historique which was quite a bit larger but very nice indeed. The kids where not too impressed of course since it was mostly old paintings and porcelain. They did wake up a but when we reached the fourth floor which was the prison floor and the jailers apartment. Apparently that floor was used as a prison until 1980 which I found rather surprising.

"Museum crawl" in Nyon - Lunch - That's some nice saladThe for a nice lunch at the lake. Fish for me of course. They make an excellent filet de perche on both sides of the lake. Bodil wasn’t too hungry so she went for a salad but as you can see it was some salad and their filet de perche have sneaked itself into their salads as well.

 - Musee du LemanAfter lunch it was time for the next museum, Musee de Leman. This is actually a private museum maintained by the steamboat association of Leman.

Finally we went for some ice-cream at one of dedicated the ice-cream shops by the lake. Actually that’s the first photo in this post.

A selection of photos are upload to the 2012 Summer Holidays album as usual and the very latest photos as, temporarily, in the Miscellaneous album as well.

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