Silk museum & Grottes de Cerdon

Silk manufacturing museum in the old Soieries Bonnet factoryToday’s excursions brought us to a silk museum in an old silk factory: Soieries Bonnet. Soieries Bonnet was a huge silk manufacturer founded 1835. At it’s height it employed 1200 employers in the factory at Jujurieux and another 1400 in Lyon. The factory was a city in itself with school, hospital, shops and housing for the employees. Unfortunately, the cost of making silk and synthetic substitutes forced it to close in 2001. It then employed less than 50 persons. Since Bodil has textile work as a hobby this one was a must of course.

After the museum we had a nice lunch in a small auberge that we found in the city of Cerdon. Excellent small family owned place where we had a lovely plate of Moules Frites on their terrace.

Grotte de Cerdon - it was less than 10 degrees down there, almost 30 on the outside.Although we found the restaurant by chance it wasn’t by chance that we looked in the village of Cerdon. Since a silk museum isn’t exactly a favourite with the kids we had already planned to visit Les Grotte de Cerdon. A very nice cave system where you first had to go in a small train to the caves and then got a guided tour through the caves. At the lowest point of the caves the temperature was between 2 and 3 degrees. Since we were dressed for the topside summer temperatures of about 30 degrees that was chilly! Between 1930 and 1955 parts of the cave was used to store Bleu de Gex cheese.

A selection of todays photos have been added to the 2012 Summer Holidays photo album of course and also, temporarily, to the Miscellaneous one.

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