Went to Balexert in Geneva…had to hold on to my wallet in Globus Delicatessen.

Balexert FoodThis morning we went to Balexert in Geneva for some shopping. I had to pick up some new white shirts for when I start to work again next week and we’ve been on so many excursions anyway last week so we felt we would start this week with a short “local trip” so to speak.

Regardless of the reason why we’re going to Balexert there’s two shops that we always visit. Fnac just to have a look around at their electronics as well as books department and Globus Delicatessen. The rest of the Globus store is not really anything to write home about but the Delicatessen part…well I really have to hold on to my wallet so I do not buy a load of spices, sauces and other condiments that I will never be able to use up before they go old.

Bodil had a list of stuff that we should buy already ranging from pickled cactus to dried Mango so I managed to control myself. Well there was this cool looking Australian hot & spicy barbeque sauce that somehow found it’s way into the shopping basket. I guess it must just have fell off one of the shelves when we passed…or something like that :wink:.

Tomorrow we have planned to go the Walibi Parc in Rhone-Alpes. That is if the weather permits but the current forecast by Meteo-France says sunshine and 30-34 degrees all the way into mid-next week so…

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