Quick visit to Vivarium de Meyrin

Meyrin VivariumWe’re just back from the rather quick visit to the Vivarium de Meyrin as I mentioned in my other post earlier today. It’s a small but nice little vivarium run as a hobby business by a private association of enthusiasts and only about 15 minutes from our place.

It’s quite well maintained and although it’s not very easy to snap photos through the rather reflective glass I managed to get a few as you can see from the ones embedded in this post.

Meyrin VivariumMeyrin VivariumMeyrin Vivarium

When looking up the vivarium on the web, to get the opening hours, I also stumbled on the Vivarium de Lausanne. On their site they claim that the are the biggest public collection of poisonous reptiles in Europe. That’s a rather bold statement. Since the kids really like going to these places, and it’s not very far away, we are considering making that one our final excursion on Friday before returning to non-holiday routines next week.

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