Have to stop go shopping on Saturdays

ShoppingWe spend too much money going shopping on Saturdays. My dear wife has been suggesting that we replace our leather couch and fauteuils in our living room for a while. I didn’t think they looked that bad but it’s true, they have quite a few years of wear and tear.

So when I wanted to go to a builders store to look for stones for the new small garden wall which I’m planning to build around one of our flower beds she cunningly suggested that we visit a furniture shop close by. It turned out to be a devious plan indeed.

We went away with an order for 6 new leather fauteuils to replace our old set and a wallet which was quite a bit lighter :roll:. Well not in a literal sense since I paid with my plastic but you get the picture.

Anyway I’m not complaining too much since with these 6 fauteuils, which each are quite a bit smaller than the really bulky ones we have now, I expect to be able to make a much better placement of the seats so that at least one or two of them ends up much better in the sweat spot of the surround system for my home cinema installation.

Now we just need to get a new table and a new carpet was well…starting to get that funny feeling somewhere around where I keep my wallet again :-(.

One thought on “Have to stop go shopping on Saturdays

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