The War of Pawns – End of the beginning

The War of PawnsThe War of Pawns (The Human Chronicles, #3) by T.R. Harris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In The War of Pawns, Adam Cain, a Human lost in a galaxy of alien empires and exotic locales, fights desperately to return to Earth, only to find that his homecoming is anything but joyous. In the aftermath of a devastating attack upon the Earth, Adam learns that the Humans have been played for fools by the evil Klin race. Now he has two enemies to fight — the Juireans, and now the Klin.

This book is different from the rest in that it is substantially longer and much more time seems to have gone into writing it. A lot of things from the first two books are coming together and the main plot literally explodes onto us. It’s like the first two books where just the first 10-15 minutes of the opening episode of a new TV-series and this book is the other 30-40 minutes.

As I said, these three books would “only” be the opening episode. Earth is mixed up in an interstellar war. Adam is back in space with a bunch of SEAL buddies and his old friends from the earlier books. The stage now seems to be set for a long running series.

The one thing I do not like very much with how the book series has developed is the plotting, scheming, deception and treason bit. Earth has been tricked into the war. Most of humanity has been fooled and Adam is officially a traitor. To continue the TV-series analogy, it smells a wee bit too much of soap opera to me.

But, so far, this is luckily a minor complaint. Unlike some books, for instance some of the later works by David Weber, the time spent on the political nonsense is sufficiently little and balanced by a good deal of action and butt kicking, in particular by Adam of course. The President of the US did, although quite a bit too late, figure out what was going on so Adam and his friends now have some real backing when going back to stomping aliens behind the enemy’s lines.

I look forward to reading the next one coming out and I hope it can maintain the balance between the behind-the-back-plotting-and-scheming and the more interesting stuff.

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