Traffic – Not my cup of tea

TrafficTraffic by Steven Soderbergh on CanalSat/Arte
My rating: 3 of 10 stars

A conservative judge is appointed by the President to spearhead America’s escalating war against drugs, only to discover that his teenage daughter is an addict.


This movie was on yesterday on CanalSat/Arte and since it has gotten quite high ratings we decided to have a go at watching it.

I simply do not understand why it gets so high ratings everywhere. It’s like it got a bunch of Oscars so people feel compelled to give it a lot of stars or something. At least it’s definitely not my cup of tea. Sure, as a piece of cinematic art it is, without question, a nice piece of work but as a movie I found it slow, boring and depressing.

The strongly tinted scenes were, supposedly, to distinguish the separate stories that the film tells but I found it highly annoying. The tints, especially the washed out reddish one, was really tiring for my eyes.

There was no real ending to two of the stories as well. The real ends of the stories just seemed to be left to the viewer’s imagination. The “war on families” political bullshit and the resignation of this supposedly conservative judge at the end also ticked me off. What was supposed to be the statement? That it’s better to do nothing against the drug trade?

The stars it got is purely for the cinematic art qualities that the film does possess. Apart from that it held no interest for me whatsoever.

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