August, the holiday month

"Museum crawl" in NyonSo, now August is also but a memory this year. I have to say that August was a good month. That is of course mainly because I was on holiday for the first three weeks of the month and, surprisingly, it was good weather all the time except for a couple of days. Actually it was almost too good and we really needed some rain once it came.

At Walibi amusement park, Rhone AlpesI took 536 photos this month. Most of them due to holiday activities of course. A selection of them was gradually uploaded to the 2012 Summer Holidays photo album as I took them. 536 photos is a bit of a record lately for a single month. I would say it’s due to this being the first holiday in a while where I had a proper SLR to play with which have rekindled my photography interest quite a lot.

The War of PawnsSomewhat to my surprise the book reading went down during the holiday. We were simply so busy doing “stuff” that I didn’t even get the time in the evenings to sit down and read very much. Nevertheless it speeded up in the latter part of the month and, in the end, I read 14 books during the month. Monster Hunter LegionThere was one 10 out of 10 stars book, Monster Hunter Legion by Larry Correia. I quite like his guns and monsters galore books. On honourable second place, 8 out of 10 stars, we find The War of Pawns by T.R. Harris and Pray of the Prey by Andrew Saxon. The jumbo place went to Redshirts which was a real disappointment.

BattleshipI added 6 movies to my movie collection which now stands at 807 titles. We did watch some movies as well but not as many as I thought we would. Still we watched 5 movies out of the collection. The only 10 out of 10 stars was actually an “oldie”, Walt Disney’s Aristocats, that I bough as a “must have in the collection” item. The Wrath of The TitansOtherwise I was a bit disappointed again this month as to the quality of some movies that I had been looking forward to. Chronicle was fairly much crap. So was Wrath of the Titans. That one was a real disappointment. Battleship was okay but it was plagued by some really really stupid scenes. The kids quite liked Sur la piste du Marsipulami though I haven’t seen that one myself.

Last but not least I made 38 posts to my blog.

So much for August. September seems like it wants to start the autumn already. The temperatures have dropped drastically and the weather is wet, grey and depressing. The last days of rain have taken the warmth out of the house so it’s actually quite chilly when going up in the morning now.

Anyway, this weekend is also the last weekend before the kids start school again so we have promised them that we would “celebrate” by letting them choose a restaurant for lunch today. After the usual “but I want…” debate they settled down on a Chinese/Thai one that we have nearby.

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