Not many movies coming this month

The Cabin in The WoodsWell, not many things coming on Blu-ray here in France that is. At least not many that I care about. I browsed though Amazon’s list of coming movies this weekend and made my monthly pre-order for the month and I only found three new films that I cared about. I did find a few older ones being re-published on Blu-ray though. Since I didn’t have them in the collection I padded my order a bit with a few of the oldies.

So my movie collection will be enhanced with, at least, these films this month:

The Pirates - Band of MisfitsMen in Black 3 is a must of course. I’m quite looking forward to The Cabin in The Woods. It sounds quite interesting so I hope I will not be disappointed. The Pirates! is for the kids but the trailer looks quite funny. I still do like animated features myself.

The rest are, as I said above, oldies. I didn’t have Sister Act in the collection and I remember finding it quite entertaining when I watched it in the 90’s. I wasn’t too thrilled with Blade Trinity when I watched it on CanalSat but since I had Blade 1 & 2 I needed to have the 3’rd one to complete the collection. Tora! Tora! Tora! is also one of those classic war films that is just nice to have in the collection.

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