Blood and Fire – An improvement

Blood and FireBlood and Fire (Star Wolf, #3) by David Gerrold
My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Formerly a never-filmed script for Star Trek: The Next Generation, this conclusion to the Star Wolf trilogy finds Executive Officer Korie and the crew of the Star Wolf answering a distress call from a mysteriously lifeless ship. On board the Norway, they discover half-wave, half-particle clusters of golden light—and a dead man. The lights are the energy form of bloodworms, a fatal infestation that feeds off the energy of living bodies, which scientists on the Norway have developed for use in the Alliance’s war against the Morthans. Officer Korie’s struggle between his conscience and his desire for vengeance will determine not only the safety of the Star Wolf, but the fate of the enemies he’s sworn to destroy.

This is the 3rd book in the Star Wolf series, if you don’t count the prequel that is. The book was certainly an improvement over the previous one. Not that this would be an extremely difficult task. As you can see from the book blurb this story was originally meant as a Star Trek – The Next Generation script and that I can believe. It would probably have made a fairly decent script as well.

It also says that it’s the conclusion of the Star Wolf trilogy. That’s a downright lie. This book brings no real conclusion to the main story of of the Human/Morthan war whatsoever. I get the feeling that someone used to write rubbish presentations for TV-show episodes wrote that crap.

Well, what about the book then? As I said it’s definitely an improvement over the last book in the series, The Middle of Nowhere. The book concentrates more on the actual story and there are not so much of the unrelated and boring discussions between members of the crew. That didn’t stop the author from throwing in one about sex again though. He seems to have a problem with that subject since he cannot let go of it. More TV-show syndrome?

The story of the book is fairly okay although it is a bit “trek-ish” in that there are a lot of fancy words but there’s not much sound science in it. I can live with that since what’s there is not too bad.

In the end it was a fairly okay read but I’m not too sorry that the author decided to stop the series even though, contrary to the blurb, there was no real conclusion to it.

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