Photo album clean up

SkyDrive Photo AlbumsLast weekend I spent a little bit of time cleaning up my 2012 Selection photo album on SkyDrive. During the holidays I lazily just copied every photo that I uploaded to the 2012 Summer Holidays album to the 2012 Selection album as well which was not really how I intended it to be.

So I went through the photos for 2012 from the start and redid my selection for the 2012 Selection album and republished the entire album so it’s no a more representative selection and no longer just the same as the 2012 Summer Holidays album with a few more photos added.

2012 Selection might sound like it ‘s the best of the best. Well, it’s not. Some of the pictures are selected because I thought they where good pictures aesthetically and/or technically, some are selected because I just thought they where nice, some because I wanted to show something to friends and family in Sweden and some just because they are nice memories to me.

If you had already looked through that particular album you probably recognize a lot of the photos since most of them have been published before. There might be a few new one in there as well. I honestly do not know since I didn’t make a before and after comparison.

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