Started redo the dining room aquarium

Started Last Friday I emptied the dining room aquarium and started to prepare for refurbishing it. It had been going for about 8 years and the habitat was in much need of being refreshed. The sand was really getting clogged up with old roots and other plant material and it was getting more and more difficult keeping the tank clean. In addition, I wanted a change so I have been planning to redo it for some time.

When I was keeping aquariums back in Sweden it was quite easy to redo an aquarium in the sense that you could count on the dealers to help you take care of the fish. Today, with all the bloody rules not to mention whiners and lawyers running around, that is not so. All of the dealers refuse to handle any fish that doesn’t come from their distributors’ even if the get them for free so I was left with only one option. To dispose of the remaining fish as humanely as possible. It was a very sad event but it would have been crueller to leave them in a slowly deteriorating aquarium.

Anyway, now the aquarium is ready for being refurbished. I’m going to opt for a habitat with less plants and more decorations in the form of roots and stones this time as well as fewer but bigger fish. In particular, I will select an ecosystem which will be able to use the local water without having to run it through an osmosis filter to condition it.

SONY DSCI will probably go more for a “zen” style aquarium with some variety of goldfish. Not the extremely hard bred ones though. I hate those. I don’t like “manufactured” fish that look like they come from somewhere in the region of Chernobyl. I’ll might go for some variety of the Comet goldfish as shown in the photo to the left. They still look like natural fish.

To be continued…

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